Hu Yong Network Introduction

Hu Yong Network (HUYONGNET)Introduction was founded by Hu Yong. The website is in the form of a blog. Provide website ranking, intelligence analysis, case sharing and SEO training for Chinese SEO industry.

Hu Yong's Personal Introduction: In 2007, he began to study SEO. He worked as a manager of 500 WANSEO, a manager of E-commerce, a manager of E-commerce, a director of B2B platform operation in Yihu Baiying, a vice president of operation in other companies, and a partner.

Award: 12 years won the second world of SEO ranking e-commerce TOP10.

In 2013, he was a special lecturer of Aizhan Network.

In 2013, he served as the website operation director of a B2B platform

There are 1 million IP promotion experience and more than 10 team management experience.

Over 4 years of operation tray and team management experience.

Self-created SEO motto: no content for content, no link for link, this is the highest level of SEO.

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